Our Science

Chemosense’s mission is to promote the survival and wellbeing of people suffering from cancer through the development of powerful new therapies.


Prevent the development of chemoresistance.


Decrease the effective dose of chemotherapy, reducing negative side effects.


Resensitize chemoresistant tumors that have already become resistant to chemotherapy.

The Details: How It Works

Through utilizing a common biomarker found in multiple types of chemoresistant cancers, Chemosense has developed a novel therapy that specifically targets and blocks receptors that promote and maintain chemoresistance. Through repurposing drugs already used in other areas of the clinic to target these receptors, this new therapy cuts to the core of chemoresistance, sensitizing tumors to the tumor shrinking effects of chemotherapy.

Resource Downloads

Grant and Contract Awards

Boyang Wu (PI) – College of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences: “The SEMA3E-Plexin D1-NRP2 Triad in Enzalutamide Resistance and Neuroendocrine Prostate


2020 ASCO Abstract

Repurposing antimuscarinics to treat lethal chemoresistant prostate and lung cancers.


2019 AACR Annual Meeting Poster

CHRM1-mediated acetylcholine signaling protects prostate cancer cells from the chemotherapy agent docetaxel.


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